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kinship (relative care) with onward hope

Check out this great video...The Beckers share their journey towards adoption, through Kinship Care with Onward Hope, Inc.

unlicensed vs licensed care 

Benefits to getting licensed:


Unlicensed care is when a court approves placement of a child with a relative who then does not choose to become a licensed foster care provider.  


Licensed Kinship Care is when a relative caring for a child becomes a licensed foster care provider. This process enables caregivers to be qualified for state approved foster care maintenance payments.

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foster care minimum qualifications

Want to be a foster parent?


Onward Hope offers Straight Adoption for an $800 fee. This amount is reimbursed through the adoption process of a legally free child who is a ward of the state in Arizona. Check out the Arizona Heart Gallery and Adopt US Kids for more information on Arizona adoption ready kids.


In Arizona adoptive parent(s) must be certified by the court as acceptable to adopt children. A certificate will be issued only after an investigation. The certificate process includes:


  • written application 

  • adoption orientation and training

  • a certification investigation and report to the court that considers the prospective adoptive parents' fitness to adopt children

  • social history and references

  • finances

  • moral fitness

  • physical and mental health 

  • any court action regarding child abuse

  • a valid fingerprint clearance card for you and every adult member of your household

  • any other relevant information 

kinship respite care

Can I get Respite as an unlicensed kinship provider?


Yes, even as an unlicensed kinship (relative) caregiver, you are able to place your relative placement in a licensed foster home, when you are in need of a break or have an emergency. 


You can receive up to 144 hours of respite care, per family, per year. Contact us today to set-up your kinship respite care.