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Onward Hope, Inc. is a foster care, adoption, and transition services agency. We are currently contracted with the Arizona Department of Child Safety to provide home recruitment, study, supervision, foster parent pre-service training, and parent aid.


Onward Hope, Inc. was founded in March 2014 by sisters, Eshawn Peterson and Jackie Phillips.


Founder, CEO & President, Eshawn Peterson, and her sister Jackie Phillips, COO experienced foster care firsthand. Through their experiences, they were guided and realized that they wanted to help make life in and from foster care easier for her younger brothers and sisters in care. They share similar experiences, trials, tribulations, and triumphs. To overcome overwhelming negative statistics, Onward Hope was created initially as a transition center for youth in and from foster care, but it will provide so much more.  


Since its conception, Onward Hope now offers a wide range of services to children from foster care, youth in and out of foster care, and also to families who are willing to help children in foster care and youth at risk.  

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Eshawn Peterson, MBA


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Jackie Phillips

Co-Founder / Board Member

Our Mission


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Empowering and Connecting Youth & Families Today, for a Strong Future Tomorrow

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Onward Hope’s vision is to enable at-risk youth & families to realize their full potential while becoming the leading transition, preservation & permanency services corporation in Arizona.

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Onward Hope's 5 Main Core Values are:  Resiliency, Responsibility & Commitment, Possibility,  Support, Permanence

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