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Check out this great video about Shared Parenting and how it facilitates Reunification! 


UNCFCRP Presents: Foster parent and trainer Donna Foster defines shared parenting in the context of foster care and explains how this practice benefits children and facilitates family reunification

parental reunification support

What is the Parent Aide Program?


The Parent Aide program is designed to give your family the opportunity to strengthen and establish healthy bonds. The program provides supervised visits between you and your child(ren) and offers emotional support and practical solutions managing family life. 


What is a Family Support Aide/Parent Aide?

Caring parent educators who are trained to work with you in your home, community or office setting. Family Support Aides are people who understand the unique challenges of parenting.


Family Support Aides are friendly mentors who can relate to parents in a way that is informative and supportive. They are role model who, by training and experience, possess a foundation of knowledge and skills to teach positive parenting strategies, while also providing encouragement, and support of the individual parent’s goals and challenges.


What will my parent aide do for me?


  • Provide support, guidance and positive role modeling.

  • Help you to develop parenting skills such as behavior management, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, time and household management, parent-child communication and organizational skills.

  • Help you find resources in your community for food, transportation, utilities, education, job opportunities, etc.


How long will I be working with my parent aide?

The Parent Aide program is specially designed for each family referred. Duration of service varies depending upon individual needs.


What can I do to achieve my goals?


  • Keep scheduled appointments.

  • Be willing to try new things.

  • Be ready when your parent aide arrives.

  • Ask for help when you need it. 

parent aide skills curriculum

What do you learn in skill sessions?


Your Family Support Aide  will answer questions you may not feel comfortable asking others and will work with you and your family to strengthen your relationships, set realistic goals, overcome barriers and find helpful services in your community. Your Family Support Aide  will form a partnership with you in a way that makes sense for your family.


Using Stregnthening Families, Nurturing Parent, Triple -P and other evidence-based curriculum, your Family Support Aide will cover topics in skills, including, but not limited to:


  • Alcohol and drug prevention counseling

  • Access to community resources

  • Effective parenting

  • Early childhood development and play

  • Toys and activities

  • Appropriate discipline techniques

  • Family planning and contraception

  • Life skills including your next steps in education, work and finding quality childcare

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